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About uFly Simulator Inc.
We are one of the most sophisticated and realistic publicly available flight simulators in the world, and as aviation professionals in Mississauga, ON, we offer our aviation services to the general public, students, and pilots. Although we are a web-based business, we have a large storefront, and in this big space, we house ten flight simulators and can handle thirty people at a time.

We have nine staff members who have trained in the field as commercial pilots, so they understand what we are all about and how to ensure you have the best experience. We currently operate a flight simulator modeled after the B 777 -200ER, to ensure that you have the most amazing and real flight simulator experience.

We continually update our simulators with new software to ensure high performance, and so far, clients love what they experience.

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The uFly Simulator Inc. Difference
Our vision is to direct our company to teach students, introduce them to aviation and train pilots. However, currently, we offer a unique, exclusive experience like no other, to ensure that everyone appreciates what it takes to be a pilot, has a great time learning something new.

Our instructors have been airline pilots, and as they also work in the field, they make everyone feel special here. To ensure this unique feeling is one that lasts a lifetime, we help our clients understand how flight controls work and then let them take control of our state of the art simulator and enjoy their piloting experience.

One aspect that makes us unique is that our flight simulators are replicated with the same logic built into the real aircraft. We are the only Flight Simulator that can offer engine trim, alternate trim, spoilers, and flaps, right down to the real-world timing it takes the landing gear and flaps to retract or extend. Our efforts and services have earned us recognition from the Air Cadets Association.

Interestingly, back when the Malaysian aircraft MH370 disappeared, we were the only simulator available in North America available for tests.

Apart from our passion for flying, we’re also passionate about participating in many different charitable causes, right from training dogs for blind people to fund-raising for cancer and cardiac kids. We also do team building events to support the Toronto Cardiac Kids Hospital.

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