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Dear our beloved community,

I’m Claudio Teixeira, the Founder and CEO of uFly Simulator. I wanted to address a genuine, and heartfelt reflection on what we have accomplished together here at uFly Simulator. We started our services 10 years ago. We have been able to make it available to the general public, aviation enthusiasts, pilots, families, corporate
companies, events from many different realms, air cadets, schools, and many more. Helping all these institutions and people from different backgrounds gave our whole company a true feeling of accomplishment and thankfulness. We feel connected with our community, and we love seeing young children with a passion for aviation, or the senior generations being able to enjoy the fruit of flight and provide an environment where people can overcome their fears, enjoy a new experience, or even train in the respective sectors. We love the feeling of giving back to our community.

As a cancer survivor myself, I understand that there are many people
within our communities going through hardships. With love and perseverance, we
can always find light through each of our hardships and difficulties. We are so
proud to help as many people as we have and will continue to support the
programs we currently work with, and hopefully, the new programs we will start to
work with in the future. We can’t thank you enough for your continued support and
feedback on the experiences you have shared with us at uFly. We hope that you will
continue to cherish those moments, and enjoy more new experiences as we
venture forward together. Let’s fly, and god bless you.

Claudio Teixeira, Founder & CEO