Our History

How it started

Claudio Teixeira, Founder, and CEO of Ufly Simulator was born in Niteroi, Close to Rio de Janeiro. Brazil. On May 02, 1970. Started working at 13 with my Dad. Came to Canada at 19 worked in many places as labor and had a window cleaning company for many years. Airplanes was my passion since I can remember. Never had the chance to be a commercial pilot. But always look at the planes over my head, especially in Toronto where the land is flat and you can see the traffic from Pearson International Airport. Ufly Simulator became a dream after a suggestion from my wife, Alessandra Teixeira, who gave me the idea and all support to start a new company. Thank you, my love. We opened our doors on October 27, 2013. From day one, there were many challenges, learning in dealing with the aviation industry, and some frustrations as well. I can what an adventure.

Who we are now

We are the only company with a 777 simulator available to the general public in North America.
Also, we have a 737/800 Captain seat simulator, 8 Cessna simulators, and ATC(Air Traffic Control) Simulator.
Some programs such as Fear of Flying, Air Cadets, and school field trips were developed during those 8+ years of operation for grade 11 and 12 students.
Like many companies in Canada, we suffered from Covid-19 with many lockdowns, restrictions, and fear. But we survived.
We continue to offer a unique, exclusive, and unforgettable experience for many people who have always wanted to be a pilot, but never had the chance, or are just curious to see how it works.
The future is a bright and clear sky for our next projects.
To help students and young generations to learn about Aviation.
Our team will continue to work hard to provide a professional service.
We hope to see you here and have a great, exciting flight.
Let’s fly!!!

uFly Simulator 777 Boeing

Our Simulator

Boeing 777-200ER SIMULATOR

Welcome to one of the most sophisticated and realistic publicly available flight simulators in the world! Our B 777-200ER, or “triple” as it is affectionately known in the aviation community is the most meticulously detailed high performance airline transport category aircraft you will ever step into. From your first step, you will be overcome by its striking magnificence. Every inch expertly crafted to give you the most immersive experience possible. Created by real world aviation professionals with components taken straight from a real Airlines 777, it doesn’t get any more real.


Featuring a fully-functional flight deck, the 777 is authentic aviation. For starters, every switch, knob and button has the exact same function as it does in the real airplane. From the “fasten seat belt” sign to the most complex entries into the flight computers, we’re ready to fly. Take your pick: cold and dark or powered up. Or customize your trip to the sky. Whatever challenge or difficulty you desire, check out the extras: Fully functional Flight Management and Control Display Units (CDU’s)

When we said authentic aviation, we meant it.

Want to fly in a tranquil sunset in the South Pacific or stormy conditions in Toronto? Our powerful weather engine makes it happen. HD displays explode with enhanced scenery and air and ground traffic you’ll think you were there. Authentic aviation is what we’re all about. State of the art technology, equipment and training is just the start. Our passionate, knowledgeable and dedicated staff are professionals in the aviation industry and the flight simulator enthusiast community. Forget the frustration and disappointment from other flight simulators and experience the real deal. Welcome to a new day of authentic aviation.

Real Airplane Equipment

Welcome aboard the B 777 commercial replica uFly Flight Simulator – the ultimate in quality flight experience and expertise. Equipped with North America’s only 180 degree full HD screen to the fully motorized throttle quadrant of the 777-200LR – we’ve spared no expense.

Real Navigation Systems

Replicated with the same logic built into the real aircraft, we are the only Flight Simulator that can offer three fully functioning CDU’s capable of computing the same algorithms. Engines, trim, alternate trim, spoilers and flaps are carefully crafted – right down to the real world timing it takes the landing gear and flaps to retract or extend!


Experience authentic aviation and innovation the way it was meant to be experienced. Change the altitude, position and speed of the aircraft. Change the weight and center of gravity, too. Hear the cabin announcement for boarding and take off. Flight is unforgettable experience. Authentic aviation awaits at uFly Simulator Inc. Soar higher.

TCAS System, Radios & ATC

The main pedestal, has TCAS, transponder, and even radios which deliver real live ATC from Toronto, and London Heathrow, with more to be added soon. Incredibly, the rudder, elevator and aileron trim are all functional with the real world effects on your aircraft performance! Want to fly in real world weather in real time as it’s happening right now anywhere in the world? It’s just a click away with the Electronic Flight Bag using Apple iPads.

Want to just practice your takeoffs and landings?

Unlike other Flight Simulators, where you have to waste valuable time circling around each time you want to take off and land, you can change aircraft position, altitude, speed, and heading to quickly set up any scenario you can think of in an instant! you can even change the aircraft weight, and the centre of gravity setting. Want to fly in another part of the world with the real weather at that location updated by the minute in full HD? No problem!