at uFly you can


You can take your experience to the next level and fly over stunning places around the world!

Take the pilot seat while you fly over special locations like Saint Martin, New York, Paris, Dubai, Kai Tak, and more…

Gold Upgrade

  • Hong Kong Old Airport (Kai Thak)
  • Saint Marteen
  • Or choose different airports (up to 2)

Platinum Upgrade

  • Experience Detailed Procedures of Flight
  • Start engines
  • Push back
  • Taxi the aircraft to the run way
  • Taxi back to the gate
  • Shutdown engines

Platinum Upgrade Deluxe

  • Europe – Sunset Time (From Italy to Switzerland through Alps)
  • Mont Everest – Taking off from Nepal Airport
  • Rio de Janeiro – Meet the Sugar Loaf, Maracana Stadium, and Christ The Redeemer
  • Las Vegas – Take off Las Vegas and do the low pass right in the Main Street and take a look to the Stratosphere Tower
  • JFK Airport – Overview of Manhattan Island.