Josh Campbell

Was a great learning experience. The captain was respectful and knowledgeable and he showed me many new things.

Sabrina Dexter

So much fun. Pilot is excellent I enjoyed to fly with!

Maureen & Ron Craighead

Absolutely a “First Class” experience! Will recommended this to all. It gave me a new appreciation for the skilled expertise it takes a pilot. Also.- Eliminated some of my anxiety it fly. Claudio was wonderful

Jennifer Kleiberg

Our kids had the best time. The captain was very knowledgeable, he let the kids try flying it was amazing!!

Jamie Riley

Most amazing experience ever! Two hours flew by (no pun intended)! The Pilot/Instructor /Captain was very patient and a lot of fun to learn with but the experiences he gives you won’t soon be forgotten. I’ll definetly be back to do this again!