Flight simulators can deliver an immersive flying experience to an aspiring pilot, or a layperson looking to fly a plane. While flight simulators are an excellent alternative to get a sensation of piloting and operating an aircraft from the safety of the ground. At uFLY Simulator Inc., we’ve come across several clients who’ve made some avoidable errors that have lead to an undermined aviation experience. To help you sidestep these mistakes and get an exceptional and authentic flight experience, here’s a list of the most common mistakes people make with flight simulators.

  1. Trying to drive the plane
    Many people try to operate the simulator like it’s a car. They end up not enjoying the experience of flying as they get frustrated when they can’t maneuver the simulator the way they want to. They need to remember it’s not a car, and the operating system in a flight simulator is very different.
  2. Turning the controls on extreme ends
    It’s essential to try to be gentle on the controls as though it’s a newborn baby. If you turn the controls on extreme ends, you won’t be able to control the simulator the way you wish to. It’s important to listen to and follow the instructions that the professional relays to you.
  3. Forgetting to look at speed, heading, and altitude
    Speed, heading, and altitude are the three principles for a plane to fly. Lift, gravity force or weight, thrust, and drag are the aerodynamics forces that enable a plane to fly. When working on a flight simulator, it’s important to pay attention to these forces to control the plane.
  4. Not paying attention to instruments
    Many make the mistake of staring at the view and don’t check instruments. It is important to keep eyes on the instruments and operate the system while enjoying the sight. If you want an authentic flight experience, it’s essential to fly the simulator like a real flight.
  5. Not working as a team
    We’ve seen many clients forget that flying a commercial plane is teamwork. Both pilots have important tasks to perform. They need to communicate with each other throughout the session and work as a team.
  6. Trying to maneuver the plane using their body
    Many try using their body to make turns on the plane. You must have your hands on the controls and concentrate on your speed, heading, and altitude. You should completely focus on your hands and not on your body.

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