MISSISSAUGA – Ontario Premier Doug Ford visited Ufly Simulator last Friday, March 31, 2023, for the Student Aviation Program.

The program will offer classroom practice and flight simulation as students learn about aviation. It will be part of the Summer Camp, Winter Camp, Field Trip, and SHSM (High Skill Specialist) activities and will offer 2 student credits to participating students.

Aviation is again in high demand and pilot shortages are a real problem for the industry. Premier Doug Ford’s Visit to Ufly Simulator is an effort to bring funds into schools by allowing students access to the simulators.

“We are the only company with a 777 simulator available to the general public in North America.”

– Cláudio Teixeira, founder and CEO of Ufly Simulator

Thank you Go Live TV for covering this event for us.

This article was written by Brazillian Wave, to read more about uFly and Doug Ford click HERE.

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