Elizabeth Hall

Hi there uFly Staff,

My name is Elizabeth Hall, and years back I used to frequently come to uFly when I would be back in Toronto for the summers while I was living abroad in the UK. My grandfather, Enrico, used to take me a few times throughout the summers, and it would become the thing I would look forward to most when I’d come back to my hometown. I always remember how kind and caring all of you were, especially the ladies at the front, and Claudio and Luigi.

After the UK I ended up going to boarding school in the US due to my parents constant moves, and eventually was recruited to row at an NCAA school in Orlando, Florida. This past winter, finally being situated in one place for long enough, I was finally able to begin training for my Private Pilot’s License, I took my first solo on Friday, passed my written exam this morning – and look forward to taking my checkride in the upcoming weeks. I intend to keep pushing forward and going for my Instrument Rating, Commercial and CFI 🙂

None of this would have been possible if you all hadn’t been so kind and welcoming to 10-13 year old me, you all made me feel very accepted and welcomed in an especially male dominated field from such a young age, and I will always remember how thoughtful Luigi especially was with me at such a young age. I wish I could find some of my old USB’s with GoPro footage and pictures from my many visits, but I thought I would attach a picture from my first solo 🙂

Please pass my thanks and appreciation onto the entire staff, whether they remember me or not! I hope to visit again this summer when I return to visit my parents and grandparents. I would love to catch up and see all of you again!

Thank you for inspiring a young me, and for providing such special memories for me and my grandfather.

All my best – stay safe and healthy! Love from Sunny Florida!