Pilot Assessment


When it comes to testing the Instrument Flight Rules and the skills of new candidates, uFly Simulator offers a complete pilot screening and assessment solution to hire your perfect match.

Performed under uFly rules and specifications by your own pilot/instructor, the screening and assessment reassures a reliable simulator. Fully equipped with a briefing room and a larger, separate facility for instructing and teaching, uFly Simulator Inc. will help you save time and lower costs when recruiting new pilots.

Our Commitment

We have invested over a quarter million dollars in state-of-the-art technology, equipment and training. Our staff are professionals from the aviation industry as well as the flight simulator enthusiast community. We are confident that your experience will be the best experience! uFly Simulator Inc. provides cost effective Pilot Training, Airline Assessment Preparation & Instrumentation Orientation Training. Our 777 flight simulator is available for booking individually or as a corporate group.

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