Air Cadets Training in Mississauga, ON

Our passionate, knowledgeable and dedicated staff are professionals in the aviation industry and the flight simulator enthusiast community. Forget the frustration and disappointment from other flight simulators and experience the real deal. Welcome to a new day of authentic aviation.

Sequence of flights:

  1. Introduction to the 777 simulator
  2. Night flight - approaches at CYYZ
  3. Bad Weather flight - Storms App
  4. Clean stall at high altitude
  5. ATC - Comm at TO and Dep
  6. Landing in a X-wind
  7. Special for 4 pilots 2 hours each flight.

The cadets will perform a PF and PM duties (Pilot flying and Pilot Monitoring)

30 mins each as PF and PM and the other 2 as observer.

This will be offered for more advance cadets in 6 flights:

  1. Introduction and MCC concept 
  2. CRM and PDM practical experience - Normal TO and LDG
  3. Emergency (Eng. Fire) training
  4. Depressurization procedure
  5. Emergency on a Bad Weather
  6. LOFT (Line Oriented Flight Training)