Air Cadets

Sequence of flights

Basic Training

  1. Introduction to the 777 simulator
  2. Night flight – approaches at CYYZ
  3. Bad Weather flight – Storms App
  4. Clean stall at high altitude
  5. ATC – Comm at TO and Dep
  6. Landing in a X-wind
  7. Special for 4 pilots 2 hours each flight.

The cadets will perform a PF and PM duties (Pilot flying and Pilot Monitoring) 30 mins each as PF and PM and the other 2 as observer.

Advanced Training

This will be offered for more advanced cadets in 6 flights:

  1. Introduction and MCC concept 
  2. CRM and PDM practical experience – Normal TO and LDG
  3. Emergency (Eng. Fire) training
  4. Depressurization procedure
  5. Emergency on a Bad Weather
  6. LOFT (Line Oriented Flight Training)

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