My wife and took a

My wife and took a simulator flight, on 15 December 2020. It was her surprise birthday present to me, and what a surprise it turned out to be. To be actually fulfilling my “dream” was magical. We “flew from Toronto, over Dubai, onward to London, where we landed at the City Centre airport. We took off, and returned to Toronto, after making a circuit over the Island Airport – Billy Bishop, and touched down at Pearson. The experience was incredible, and what made it all the better, was the presence of Capt. Claudio and his wonderful commentary, instruction and extensive knowledge from 32 years of flying. It is an experience I would strongly recommend to everyone, whether they love flying or not. Possibly my only regret is that I will be tempted to repeat the experience – more than once. It was a 5+ Star rating Thank you Claudio.

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