Corporate Incentive Program

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The corporate incentive program is an easy way to create an environment for networking, to encourage discussion, to raise morale and for general corporate entertaining.

Work on teamwork and problem solving skills in an environment that promotes, encourages and demands critical thinking and goal-setting. Our 777-200LR B Simulator replica provides the perfect place to foster and grow these key pillars.

Encourage leadership. Raise awareness of priority-based decision-making. Challenge your team to solve problems in the most compelling, time-critical situations. Try landing nearly a million pounds of airplane on an icy runway at Innsbruck amongst the Swiss Alps. Then try it again at night with low visibility and gusting winds! Team building exercises have never been so real.

Our corporate incentive experience is more than just a night out with your team. Embrace and encourage the team building allure of aviation in a real-world environment.

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