Fear of Flying

Overcome Your Fear

A fear of flying can have drastic effects on your lifestyle. Imagine being unable to take a vacation, or visit family and friends. This crippling phobia is a reality many people face. But with the right education, help and support, you can take control and revel in the beauty of authentic aviation.

Get the low down on flight operations and everything from turbulence and lighting to abnormal conditions. Our Flight Simulator Instructors at uFly Simulator Inc. undergo rigorous training to ensure you get a safe ride. Call and speak with an instructor who will customize a package so you can face your fears of flying and enjoy an authentic aviation experience.

Our Methods

We receive many inquiries from people with regards to helping to alleviate their ‘Fear of Flying’.

As you can appreciate, we are not medical practitioners nor do we provide medical advice of any kind for a ‘Fear of Flying’. Our approach at uFly Simulator Inc. as a flight simulator facility, is to show and explain the operational aspects of a typical flight on a plane.

The literature suggests that the majority of ‘Fear of Flight’ issues center around the lack of knowledge of why and how a plane flies. Sitting inside a cockpit such as ours and operating the simulator with a certified pilot, will show you firsthand what goes in to making a plane fly and how it is maneuvered by a pilot according to conditions.

After going through this experience, many people feel more comfortable about getting on an airplane for a flight. Everyone, of course, is different with some people requiring several sessions and others only a couple of hours in the simulator.

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