Flight simulation refers to the simulation of various aspects of flight or flight environment for purposes of flight training, aircraft development, or entertainment. They have a meticulously detailed high-performance airline transport category aircraft you will ever step in. Every inch is an expertly crafted replica to give you the most immersive experience possible. As this is a relatively new concept to the general public, one tends to make several mistakes in the process of getting this experience.

To help you avoid some basic errors that could prove to be costly, uFly Simulator Inc has put together a list of the most common mistakes people make when availing the services of a flight simulation company.

  1. Mistaking the day and time of your appointment
    We understand that people are busy and forget or make mistakes, which is why we make a courtesy call one day before to remind you. We have arrangements made for rescheduling and cancellation of an appointment, but losing out on such an experience because of negligence would be unfortunate. So, we urge you to make a note of your appointment on paper, on your phone, or anywhere that will notify you about it.
  2. Forgetting their appointment
    Once again, make a note of the scheduled appointment. We make a courtesy call one day before to remind you. Please note that any bookings canceled with less than seventy-two hours notice will be subject to a $75 cancellation fee and re-booking fee. If the Flight Simulator session is canceled/rescheduled by the customer with giving more than seventy-two hours notice, it will be subject to a $75 cancellation fee, and a $10 re-booking fee. There are no refunds for no call or no show missed appointments.
  3. Not researching what they are going to do
    Make sure you take your time, even a few minutes to read up on the information provided on our website. Find out about the various programs we have to offer and come prepared. Please read our terms and conditions so that you are well aware of all the stipulations.
  4. Arriving late for their flying time
    The cockpit time for a scheduled session is approximately 52 minutes. We remind everyone to arrive ten to fifteen minutes before your scheduled appointment so that you do not have to miss out on any second of this entertaining opportunity.
  5. Bringing more people than what we can cater to inside the simulator
    Most of the time, we try our best to accommodate everyone, but our simulator has a specific capacity of people it can hold. Sometimes if the number is too high, unfortunately, we have to ask some people to stay outside the simulator.
  6. Thinking like a car driver and trying to fly the simulator as a car
    As most people are used to driving cars, they base their flying knowledge on driving, by relying too much on the reaction of the controls. We show them that it takes time to get a big plane to turn, like a boat, you have to turn the controls, hold and wait. Turning all the way on the controls like you would in a car will not give you the desired outcome.

To avoid these and other mistakes, reach out to the experts at uFly Simulator Inc.

Our detailed high-performance airline transport category aircraft is expertly crafted to give you the most immersive experience possible. It is created by real-world aviation professionals with components taken straight from a real Airlines 77. It doesn’t get any more real. We offer programs such as aircraft simulator training, pilot screening and assessment, corporate incentive program, flight simulator enthusiasts, fear of flying, and school field trips.

We cater to clients across Hamilton, Kitchener, Mississauga, Scarborough, North York, Toronto, Oakville, Burlington, Markham, Brampton, Richmond Hill, Thornhill, Greater Toronto Area.

For a complete list of our services, please click here. If you have any questions about flight simulation, we’d love to hear from you. Please contact us here.

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