Welcome aboard the B 777 commercial replica flight simulator. The ultimate in quality flight experience and expertise. Our system is equipped with North America’s only 180% full HD screen, fully motorized throttle quadrant, and three fully functioning CDU’s capable of computing the same algorithms. Engines, trim, alternate trim, spoilers, and flaps are also carefully crafted right down to the actual world timing it takes the landing gear and flaps to retract or extend.

That said, as flight simulator experience could be a relatively new concept to you, it’s easy to make errors that can lead to an undermined aviation experience. You could mistake your appointment date, have unrealistic expectations and make other mistakes that dilute the fun you could have.

To help you avoid some basic errors, uFly Simulator Inc. has put together a list of the most common mistakes people make when using a flight simulator.

  1. Completely forgetting or arriving late for the appointment
    Arriving on the wrong day for your flight simulator appointment is disappointing, as it is coming late. You see, cockpit time for a scheduled session is approximately fifty-two minutes, and you really don’t want to miss a second of the experience. We suggest you arrive ten to fifteen minutes before your scheduled appointment. Another thing to consider is that bookings canceled with less than seventy-two hours’ notice will be subject to a $75 cancellation fee and re-booking fee.
  2. Using the simulator, thinking it is a car
    Most of us have some car driving knowledge and skill. Unfortunately, this counts for very little when flying an airplane or using a flight simulator. In reality, it’s more like driving a boat, just a little more complex. It would help if you remembered not to rely too much on the reaction of the controls and gradually change direction as it takes time to get a big plane to turn.
  3. Maneuvering to extremes
    Although you are in the safety of a highly realistic B 777-200ER flight simulator, it’s essential to try to be gentle with the controls. In real life, the plane is designed for commercial travel. Hence, it is vital to listen to and follow the professional instructor’s directions so your simulator experience will be authentic and highly informative.
  4. Bringing too many people with you to go inside the simulator
    Of course, we understand the excitement and desire to share the experience with friends and loved ones. However, while we try our best to accommodate everyone, our simulator has a specific capacity of people it can hold. So, it is best to limit the number of people you bring along to avoid disappointment.
  5. Not working as a team
    Finally, but probably one of the most common mistakes people make when attending their flight simulator appointment is trying to do it all on their own. They forget flying a commercial plane takes teamwork. Both pilots have equally important tasks to perform, and effective communication and synchronicity are critical to the smooth operation of the airliner and the comfort of passengers and crew.

To avoid these and other mistakes, reach out to the experts at uFly Simulator Inc. We’re one of the most sophisticated and realistic publicly available flight simulators in the world. Our knowledgeable and dedicated staff members have trained in the field as commercial pilots, and they ensure that our clients have an excellent and authentic aviation experience. We offer a wide range of programs to students, pilots, as well as the general public.

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